Amazon Prime Day, Save on Genealogy Products!

Amazon Prime Day 2021 is one of the largest shopping events of the year. It kicks off tomorrow, June 21 at midnight, and runs through June 22. This year’s shopping event promises millions of deals and the year’s best offers on Ancestry Bird Dog’s growing list of genealogy products.

For those who are unfamiliar, Amazon Prime Day 2021 is an exclusive shopping event for the site’s 150-million-plus Prime subscribers. Prime members get some of the lowest prices of the year on Amazon products, including those sold through AncestryBirdDog.

Amazon Prime Day is a great way to support small businesses, like AncestryBirdDog. As an Amazon affiliate, we earn a few cents from every product purchased through this site.

Funds are used to cover the costs of operating this site, so that we can bring trusted, valuable and interesting FREE genealogy content to our readers.

There is NEVER an additional cost to you when you make a purchase. In fact, during Amazon Prime Day, Prime subscribers will get some of the best deals all year!

You don’t have to purchase a genealogy product to help support AncestryBirdDog or other small businesses. During Prime Day, visit Amazon’s website by first clicking onto a product found in our Genealogy Store. Then, we’ll earn a few pennies from anything that you buy on June 22. Again, it doesn’t cost you anything extra.

It’s a Win, Win, Win! Support Small Businesses. Get Free Genealogy Content. Save on the Things You Want to Buy!

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