Probate Genealogy: An Intriguing Field of Research

Professional genealogy is a diverse field that includes a wide variety of unique specialties from adoption to genetics, cartography, photographic analysis, military, migration, religious groups, ethnic groups, and many more. One of the lesser known specialties is probate genealogy.  Probate is the legal process through which an individual’s real estate (property) and personal estate (possessions)Continue reading “Probate Genealogy: An Intriguing Field of Research”

Create a Genealogy Migration Map Using Google My Maps

Have you considered creating a migration map to trace your ancestors? It’s fast and simple to use Google My Maps or other free mapping tools to map your family’s history.  Combining mapping technology with your genealogy research gives you an entirely different visual perspective that goes well beyond simply knowing where your relatives lived basedContinue reading “Create a Genealogy Migration Map Using Google My Maps”

Immersion Genealogy: Walking in Your Ancestor’s Footsteps

Family history is so much more than charts, documents, names, and boxes of old photos. With access to online family research websites, it’s easy to limit your research to census records, yearbook photos and marriage certificates. But what you are missing is the context by which to interpret your research. Historical context is the political,Continue reading “Immersion Genealogy: Walking in Your Ancestor’s Footsteps”

NewsBank: Free Access Always

Most genealogists and family researchers are familiar with, a newspaper subscription service; but fewer people know about NewsBank.  What is NewsBank?  Established in 1972, NewsBank is a news database resource that provides public libraries, schools, and institutions of higher learning with access to archived newspapers and other digital publications. In turn, these institutions provideContinue reading “NewsBank: Free Access Always”

Cryptic Headstone Puzzles Visitors

Genealogists, family researchers, Find A Grave volunteers, and cemetery visitors will sometimes stumble upon an unusual headstone, one that leaves you scratching your head. Perhaps it displays an unfamiliar symbol or includes an inscription that is written in a language other than English.   But this headstone stands out from the rest — it isContinue reading “Cryptic Headstone Puzzles Visitors”

RootsTech 2022 Free Virtual Event Just Announced

Mark your calendars and hold these dates so you can participate in the FREE virtual RootsTech 2022 genealogy event, hosted by FamilySearch International. Due to continued concerns regarding COVID and its impact on an international event, RootsTech 2022 will be held virtually on March 3-5, 2022. Everyone is welcome to participate. RootsTech is a globalContinue reading “RootsTech 2022 Free Virtual Event Just Announced”

Genetic Genealogy May ID Three Infants Pulled from River

Minnesota criminal investigators are hoping that new DNA analysis and genetic genealogy will lead to the identification of three infants pulled from the Mississippi river over a period of several years. The three cases are among 56 unidentified person cases in that state. Baby Girl “Jamie” It was Nov. 4, 1999, when the body ofContinue reading “Genetic Genealogy May ID Three Infants Pulled from River”

Volunteers Needed: Transcribing Freedmen’s Bureau Records

Volunteers who have an interest in genealogy, post-American Civil War history, or the African American experience during the Reconstruction Era are needed to help transcribe the thousands of pages of handwritten letters, telegrams, and reports of the Freedmen’s Bureau. Other records to be transcribed include reports and communications about the post-Civil War Freedmen’s relief efforts,Continue reading “Volunteers Needed: Transcribing Freedmen’s Bureau Records”

Embrace Your Irish Heritage: Jameson Employee Records

More than one million Jameson whiskey employee records have been released and are free to access through during July 2021. May the “Luck of the Irish” be with you during your search through this treasure trove of Irish family history. and Irish Distillers, producer of some of the world’s best-loved Irish whiskeys, teamedContinue reading “Embrace Your Irish Heritage: Jameson Employee Records”

Genealogist Helps Solve “Bundled Toddler” Case

In 1963, the concealed body of a young child was discovered in the mountains east of Ashland, Oregon. Now, nearly 60 years later, that child has been identified with the aid of genetic genealogy.  In July of 1963, a 65-year-old man had gone fishing at the Keene Creek Reservoir, located along Greensprings Highway east ofContinue reading “Genealogist Helps Solve “Bundled Toddler” Case”

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