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Family History is a cherished, yet perishable, resource that diminishes as memories fade, stories are left untold, photos are lost, and loved ones pass. Genealogy is a way to preserve it for future generations.

Shirley Gray

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Immersion Genealogy: Walking in Your Ancestor’s Footsteps

Family history is so much more than charts, documents, names, and boxes of old photos. With access to online family research websites, it’s easy to limit your research to census records, yearbook photos and marriage certificates. But what you are missing is the context by which to interpret your research. Historical context is the political,Continue reading “Immersion Genealogy: Walking in Your Ancestor’s Footsteps”

NewsBank: Free Access Always

Most genealogists and family researchers are familiar with Newspapers.com, a newspaper subscription service; but fewer people know about NewsBank.  What is NewsBank?  Established in 1972, NewsBank is a news database resource that provides public libraries, schools, and institutions of higher learning with access to archived newspapers and other digital publications. In turn, these institutions provideContinue reading “NewsBank: Free Access Always”