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At we offer many FREE resources because we support the long-standing tradition within the genealogy “community” (family researchers, genealogists, historians, transcribers, librarians, museum curators, research centers, genealogy organizations, etc.) of helping others with their journey when we can.

Here is a list of the items now available at no cost to you.

  • Blog: is constantly publishing fresh content on our blog on topics such as: upcoming genealogy events; genealogy in the news; American history; historical sites; how to access and use various research databases; family research tips; abandoned places with rich family history connections; DNA and forensic genealogy; and so much more.
  • Email subscription: Be among the first to receive and read our blog posts by being an subscriber. Absolutely, free. Sign-up box is located at the bottom of our website.
  • Family Group Worksheets: A family group worksheet (or family unit chart) is a form where you fill in the names of two parents and their children. The form also collects birth, marriage and death information, the names of children’s spouses and a whole lot more. Not only does it become part of your genealogy records, Family Group Worksheets are a valuable tool to be used when conducting oral history interviews for verifying information you have and gathering additional new details.
  • Four Generation Pedigree Chart:  A pedigree chart starts with you and shows the line of your direct ancestors. It is sometimes called a family tree, lineage or ancestry chart. Think of the pedigree chart as a shorthand master outline of your bloodline.
  • Mitochondrial (mtDNA) DNA and mtDNA Test Primer: This is an easy-to-read, just-the-facts primer offering the basics about mtDNA testing, including simple-to-understand definitions of the biological and genetic terminology related to mitochondrial DNA.
  • Oral History Interview Guide and Conversational Outline: This step-by-step guide helps you prepare for your meeting with a family member in which you plan to conduct an oral history interview. It also offers an outline of conversation starters to help facilitate the interview process.
  • Quick Key to Quaker Dates: A reference guide for translating dates properly from Quaker records.
  • State-by-State List of Death Records & Death Certificates: This reference guide lists information for all U.S. states regarding when they began requiring death certificates and where to get a certified copy.

Enjoy our free E-book, Making Family History Fun. Inside you’ll discover 14 fun, family-friendly activities, complete with a list of supplies and instructions. This book is helps you share your family and cultural history with the children in your life.


AncestryDNA: Genetic Ethnicity Test, Ethnicity Estimate, AncestryDNA Test Kit
DNA Test Kit tellmeGen. Reports Health Predisposition. Ethnicity. Genetic Carrier Status. Personal and Wellness Traits.
What’s Your Haplogroup” shirt is a great conversation starter and fun to wear at genealogy events.
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