Genetic Genealogy May ID Three Infants Pulled from River

Minnesota criminal investigators are hoping that new DNA analysis and genetic genealogy will lead to the identification of three infants pulled from the Mississippi river over a period of several years. The three cases are among 56 unidentified person cases in that state. Baby Girl “Jamie” It was Nov. 4, 1999, when the body ofContinue reading “Genetic Genealogy May ID Three Infants Pulled from River”

Genealogist Helps Solve “Bundled Toddler” Case

In 1963, the concealed body of a young child was discovered in the mountains east of Ashland, Oregon. Now, nearly 60 years later, that child has been identified with the aid of genetic genealogy.  In July of 1963, a 65-year-old man had gone fishing at the Keene Creek Reservoir, located along Greensprings Highway east ofContinue reading “Genealogist Helps Solve “Bundled Toddler” Case”

Forensic Genealogy: Will it Be Used to Identify Remains of Military Personnel

Today’s news headlines are filled with stories about cold cases being solved by law enforcement — human remains returned to loved ones after relatives have been missing for decades and elusive serial killers finally being brought to justice for their crimes. So, what has changed during the last four years? Why are more missing personsContinue reading “Forensic Genealogy: Will it Be Used to Identify Remains of Military Personnel”

Sultan Basin John Doe Case Needs Public’s Help

On April 9, 2007, two timber surveyors pulled over their vehicle near milepost 9 on Sultan Basin Road, which travels through Sultan, Washington. They stopped to survey the adjacent woods for a logging job they planned to bid on. On their way back to the vehicle, the surveyors made a gruesome discovery in what wasContinue reading “Sultan Basin John Doe Case Needs Public’s Help”

DNA Collected Without Warrant Challenged in Iowa Supreme Court Case

The use of Forensic Genetics Genealogy to solve cold cases is still a controversial topic. In this case, the debate pertains to the collection of a suspect’s DNA on a discarded straw (without a warrant); and subsequent use of that DNA to build a genealogy profile that produced a narrow suspect pool, and ultimately identifiedContinue reading “DNA Collected Without Warrant Challenged in Iowa Supreme Court Case”

Genetic Genealogy Solves Cold Cases in Colorado

In March 2021, Colorado officials announced that they had solved two more cold cases through the use of Investigative Genetic Genealogy. The victims were Barbara “Bobbi” Jo Oberholtzer, 29, and Annette Kay Schnee, 22, both of whom were last seen hitchhiking separately in Jan. 6, 1982, near the town of Breckenridge. The killer was trackedContinue reading “Genetic Genealogy Solves Cold Cases in Colorado”

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