Immersion Genealogy: Walking in Your Ancestor’s Footsteps

Family history is so much more than charts, documents, names, and boxes of old photos. With access to online family research websites, it’s easy to limit your research to census records, yearbook photos and marriage certificates. But what you are missing is the context by which to interpret your research. Historical context is the political,Continue reading “Immersion Genealogy: Walking in Your Ancestor’s Footsteps”

Cryptic Headstone Puzzles Visitors

Genealogists, family researchers, Find A Grave volunteers, and cemetery visitors will sometimes stumble upon an unusual headstone, one that leaves you scratching your head. Perhaps it displays an unfamiliar symbol or includes an inscription that is written in a language other than English.   But this headstone stands out from the rest — it isContinue reading “Cryptic Headstone Puzzles Visitors”

Volunteers Needed: Transcribing Freedmen’s Bureau Records

Volunteers who have an interest in genealogy, post-American Civil War history, or the African American experience during the Reconstruction Era are needed to help transcribe the thousands of pages of handwritten letters, telegrams, and reports of the Freedmen’s Bureau. Other records to be transcribed include reports and communications about the post-Civil War Freedmen’s relief efforts,Continue reading “Volunteers Needed: Transcribing Freedmen’s Bureau Records”

Obituaries: Content, Finding Copies & Search Tips

Obituaries and death notices are among the most sought-after documents by genealogists because they are generally rich in details.  An obituary is often the first thing people read in the newspaper (or online) each day, and, for many, it will be the last thing written about their lives. The earliest form of obituaries has beenContinue reading “Obituaries: Content, Finding Copies & Search Tips”

The Insect that Caused & Paused U.S. Human Migration

Historical context is everything when it comes to understanding your ancestors and what motivated them to migrate from one place to another. For instance, what would cause a pioneering family to undertake a perilous journey from the East to settle in the burgeoning Great Plains, just to abandon their new homestead a short time laterContinue reading “The Insect that Caused & Paused U.S. Human Migration”

FREE Access to Discover Your Family’s Military Heroes

Ancestry®, one of the leaders in family history, has partnered with several Veterans’ organizations to honor America’s fallen heroes in a special “50 Story Salute.” The tribute comes at a time when Americans will be commemorating the 50th anniversary of Memorial Day becoming a federal holiday.   Partner organizations include: The Wounded Warrior Project, The GreatestContinue reading “FREE Access to Discover Your Family’s Military Heroes”

George A. Tann: The Black Man Who Saved the Ingalls Family

This historical account about a consequential black pioneer doctor takes place during the summer of 1870 in the Osage Diminished Indian Reserve in Kansas, near modern day Independence. Many pioneer groups trekked through this uncharted frontier either heading West to Oregon or California, or stopping to start a new life. That year, homesteaders from allContinue reading “George A. Tann: The Black Man Who Saved the Ingalls Family”

Makeshift Civil War Hospitals: Twelve Corners Baptist Church, Benton Co., Ark.

The scale and scope of casualties during the American Civil War was something the country’s medical system and civilian and military caregivers were woefully unprepared to address. Approximately 620,000 soldiers died from combat, accident, starvation, and disease during the Civil War. Lack of a Medical Care System At the beginning of the war, and throughContinue reading “Makeshift Civil War Hospitals: Twelve Corners Baptist Church, Benton Co., Ark.”

Has Your Family Research Overlooked Civil War Non-combatants?

While performing your family research, covering the period of the Civil War, April 12, 1861-April 9, 1865, keep your mind and eyes open to the possibility that your relative(s) may have served in the Civil War in a role you may have not considered.  It’s not unusual to discover a family photo of a maleContinue reading “Has Your Family Research Overlooked Civil War Non-combatants?”

Once Neglected Charleston Cemetery Reveals Consequential Black History

The Morris Street Baptist Church Cemetery in Charleston, South Carolina, had been overlooked and neglected for nearly 60 years. But, a recent restoration project is uncovering its remarkable history that dates back centuries, including the graves of slaves and Civil War soldiers. The Morris Street Baptist Church Cemetery is located on Mechanic Street in Charleston,Continue reading “Once Neglected Charleston Cemetery Reveals Consequential Black History”

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