Cryptic Headstone Puzzles Visitors

Genealogists, family researchers, Find A Grave volunteers, and cemetery visitors will sometimes stumble upon an unusual headstone, one that leaves you scratching your head. Perhaps it displays an unfamiliar symbol or includes an inscription that is written in a language other than English.   But this headstone stands out from the rest — it isContinue reading “Cryptic Headstone Puzzles Visitors”

Genetic Genealogy May ID Three Infants Pulled from River

Minnesota criminal investigators are hoping that new DNA analysis and genetic genealogy will lead to the identification of three infants pulled from the Mississippi river over a period of several years. The three cases are among 56 unidentified person cases in that state. Baby Girl “Jamie” It was Nov. 4, 1999, when the body ofContinue reading “Genetic Genealogy May ID Three Infants Pulled from River”

Genealogist Helps Solve “Bundled Toddler” Case

In 1963, the concealed body of a young child was discovered in the mountains east of Ashland, Oregon. Now, nearly 60 years later, that child has been identified with the aid of genetic genealogy.  In July of 1963, a 65-year-old man had gone fishing at the Keene Creek Reservoir, located along Greensprings Highway east ofContinue reading “Genealogist Helps Solve “Bundled Toddler” Case”

Obituaries: Content, Finding Copies & Search Tips

Obituaries and death notices are among the most sought-after documents by genealogists because they are generally rich in details.  An obituary is often the first thing people read in the newspaper (or online) each day, and, for many, it will be the last thing written about their lives. The earliest form of obituaries has beenContinue reading “Obituaries: Content, Finding Copies & Search Tips”

Prince Hall Freemasons: Behind the Veil of Secrecy

The discovery that your relative was a Mason (freemason) often raises a lot of questions about the secret society. Perhaps you were fortunate to inherit some Masonic regalia (e.g., medals, white gloves, a gavel, sash, pin, or a ceremonial white apron) and are simply curious about their significance. Maybe you first became aware that yourContinue reading “Prince Hall Freemasons: Behind the Veil of Secrecy”

George A. Tann: The Black Man Who Saved the Ingalls Family

This historical account about a consequential black pioneer doctor takes place during the summer of 1870 in the Osage Diminished Indian Reserve in Kansas, near modern day Independence. Many pioneer groups trekked through this uncharted frontier either heading West to Oregon or California, or stopping to start a new life. That year, homesteaders from allContinue reading “George A. Tann: The Black Man Who Saved the Ingalls Family”

Culprit in Gravestone Defacing Incident Comes Forward

More than 160 historic gravestones, dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries, in the All Hallows Episcopal Church Cemetery in Davidsonville, Maryland, were defaced after being partially scoured with a brush and an unknown chemical. The abrasive “cleaning” of the monuments was done without the knowledge or permission of the All Hallows Episcopal Church,Continue reading “Culprit in Gravestone Defacing Incident Comes Forward”

Once Neglected Charleston Cemetery Reveals Consequential Black History

The Morris Street Baptist Church Cemetery in Charleston, South Carolina, had been overlooked and neglected for nearly 60 years. But, a recent restoration project is uncovering its remarkable history that dates back centuries, including the graves of slaves and Civil War soldiers. The Morris Street Baptist Church Cemetery is located on Mechanic Street in Charleston,Continue reading “Once Neglected Charleston Cemetery Reveals Consequential Black History”

GPS Mapping Cemeteries, History in Stones

Global Positioning System (GPS) technology is changing the way in which cemeteries are documented today. While recording longitude and latitude on platforms such as Find A Grave is valuable, the ability to generate a geospatial or visual map of the entire cemetery is what GPS mapping software can do. GPS, combined with mapping software, digitalContinue reading “GPS Mapping Cemeteries, History in Stones”

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