Joins Facebook!

We are excited to announce that has joined Facebook!

In the past, you probably discovered our posts and website through another Facebook page. If so, we’re thankful that you decided to click on our link, and hope you have continued to find our content both intriguing and helpful.

We are grateful to the Facebook pages that have allowed us to share our content. But, the time has come for us to branch out as we open our “social” front door to new readers. covers a wide variety of genealogy-related topics, which appeal to a vast array of audiences.

Some followers prefer to learn about the technical aspects of genealogy research. Others are interested in genealogy organization, preservation and archival storage.

We also have a number of followers who are dedicated Find A Grave and BillionGraves volunteers; as well as those interested in DNA testing and forensic genealogy.

Another large segment of our audience are people interested in learning more about American history, societal changes, abandoned places, and migration of people from around the globe and within the United States. All of this information is so helpful for placing our ancestors’ lives into historical context.

So, you could say we have a “Big Tent” that includes people scattered around the globe with diverse readership interests. We hope that our new Facebook page will appeal to these broad audiences and reach more people, rather than sharing information on private, silo-interest Facebook pages.

Facebook Roll-Out Day! And Contest.

Fruit of the Loom, Unisex Jersey T-Shirt. Made of extremely soft cotton and double needle stitching throughout. 100% pre-shrunk. High-density fabric, 90/10 cotton/polyester blend. Five color options. Sizes S to 3XL.

Today is Facebook Roll-Out Day! To encourage you to follow us and share the page with your friends and family, we are going to give away one of our custom-designed T-shirts “Eventually All Genealogists Come to Their Census” to a lucky new follower.

It’s Simple! All you have to do is become a Facebook follower. We will be holding a random drawing on Thursday, July 15, when we will select the name of the winner from among our followers. The winner will be contacted through Facebook Messenger to receive instructions on how to receive the shirt. The winner will also be announced on our Facebook page.

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